"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kitchen Remodel Update, Painted Chairs, Thrift Store Cabinet

 Here is the dresser I bought at a thrift store for $40.00.  I removed the four long drawers in the front and also the doors. I first painted the drawers and doors along with the cabinet itself in the sage green color, but since have decided to leave the drawers out and keep the doors off.  I removed the upper and lower braces from the drawers and will put in 2 pine shelves.  I also cut two pine boards for the cabinet sides to use as shelves.  The top will have a nice pine plank top. 

It originally had four drawers. I was going to keep two for linens, but they were not very secure so out they came. I removed all but one of the braces. The photo below shows one on the bottom half which I have since removed.  The shelf will sit on the center one.

the photo below shoes the cabinet with two drawers still in, but these have since been removed and the shelves added.

I painted the old green chairs this color. I used Behr's Chipotle Pepper then antiqued them with the custom Poblano Pepper color I had them mix up for me.  That is the color I painted the island. The white table in the picture is one that I painted last fall and now I am going to paint it again! I will use the same chipotle and poblano colors I used on the chairs, but may make it a bit more of the poblano color just to mix it up a bit. 

I also found this fabric that I will use for the glass door drapery and may also use it on the kitchen (sink) window. I want to get a nice textured blind for that window so I may just make a valance out of this fabric or may use it with the stripe fabric that is on the chairs. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mother Nature is showing her colors in my gardens.

I have named a few of my flowers for you, but as Walt says....

"You must not know too much, or be too precise or scientific about birds and trees and flowers... a certain free margin, and even vagueness...perhaps ignorance, credulity helps your enjoyment of these things."  -Walt Whitman

French Lavender in the herb garden
About Face

About Face

Marmalade Skies

This is Mr. Lincoln

Madarense Geranium bloomed early this year
Pomegranate tree is just beginning to blossom

Monday, April 8, 2013

More Birdwatching

I finally was able to get a couple of photos of the Oriole in the birdbath yesterday afternoon.

Our little House Wren nests each year. I love to hear their sweet songs.

Here are three birdhouses that the House Wren can choose from.

Normally the house above is the one they use, very small and often times they have 5 chicks! 

 I think this is the one they chose this year.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

They're Back! The Male and Female Orioles Early Morning Bath and a Few Other Visitors to the Pool

Male Hooded Oriole
 This little guy had just finished taking an early morning dip in the birdbath.  I was inside by the kitchen window when I saw him bathing, but by the time I got the camera out he was already in the small apple tree, grooming and drying himself.  I also spotted a female while zooming in to get these photos.  As you know it can be difficult to photograph these birds as they are easily startled by humans with cameras!  Thank goodness my new camera has a good zoom lens.  I took these through the window (double pane) and also about 25 feet from the tree.  Yellow Hooded Oriole

Our Oleander hedge grows into this small apple tree, that's the pointed leaves you see in the bottom, right corner.
Female looking at me

Shy Female
I knew they were back a few weeks ago as I heard their familiar chatter in the trees.  This was the first time I saw both the male and female together.  I will cut some oranges and hook them on the tree for them to drink the nectar.  They love oranges!

The every present Mockingbird, keeping watch while the others bathe.

One of a pair of Morning Doves stopped by for a dip...

Warbler ???

A little ruffled after his bath and drying off in the Aloe arborescens (also known as candelabra aloe) plant.

Maybe not as rare, but always welcome in our yard, White-crowned Sparrow.

They enjoy the grass seed-heads; one good reason not to worry if the weeding gets done or not.

Going in for the seed.