"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Misty Morning Breakfast with Spider Webs

I ate breakfast on my patio this morning, the air was so cool and damp for a late August.  As I walked around to the front of the house I noticed a huge spider web reaching from the citrus trees to the hollyhock stock. 

Then I looked up at the Black Pine tree and noticed this...

Each branch had a patch of web, they glistened in the mist.  It feels a lot like Autumn already and yet it is only the middle of August. Strange weather this year.

The Spider And The Fly

"Will you walk into my parlor?" said the spider

to the fly; but the cunning little insect only winked

the other eye and he knowingly retorted in a buzz so

low and sweet: "Well, not upon your half-tone, I

have learned to watch my feet. I have a load of

small-pox on my silken little wings, my legs are lined

with typhus germs and other deadly things. I am

taking some bacilli to a house across the way and you

must not try to stop me, for I have no time to play."

Once more the spider pleaded in accents soft

and low: "Won't you step into my parlor and rest be-

fore you go ? My web is lined with gossamer of tex-

ture fine and rare and you'll find some lovely

microbes if you will enter there. I have a nice collec-

tion I am saving just for you, and I want to seal our

friendship with a B. Coli or two."

"With all my heart," replied the fly and straight-

way walked inside and the spider got his dinner and

was fully satisfied.

by Albert Stroud 1917


  1. That freaked me out. I hate spiders. I have seen that many on the grass but never in a tree. They must be hugh and I hope they dont bite. At first the first one looked so beautiful and then...Oh my!

  2. Betty, you crack me up! I love spiders and I even let the grandaddy type live in the house. My cat spends most evening waiting for them to come down from the ceiling so she can eat them. Needless to say they do not last long in the house.

  3. Aren't spider webs amazing? They show up over night. Great photo. It looks like finely spun lace.

  4. Ann, yes I think so too. I really enjoy watching them weave their webs.

  5. Fine outside Carla but the spiders have been weaving webs all over this house in manic august spinning mode, taking advantage of our absence. I love them not.


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