"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pink Cymbidium Orchids In Bloom

Late last summer we purchased two one gallon Cymbidium Orchids from The Madd Potter.  Since their blooms had faded, we were able to pick these beauties up for 50% off.  I think we paid somewhere around $10.00 for each.  I planted them just a few weeks ago when I noticed the flower stock shooting up.  Saturday I was taking my regular morning walk around the house and spotted the blooms.  The other plant only had one open so they should last for a month or maybe two.  I am hoping to have a few to put on my Easter table.
To find out more about Cymbidium Orchids check out the Cymbidium Society of America after you learn how easy it is to grow these beautiful plants, see if you can find some at your local nursery.  They should be just coming in for Easter and Mother's Day.  You can save money by buying the plants and making your own Mother's Day corsage.

Enjoy these orchids my friend today,
please listen to what I have to say,
orchids much joy and happiness bring,
I know because they make my heart sing.


  1. Carla, your cymbidium orchids are very beautiful.
    I like their soft pink/mauve colour. I love mine because they are easy to look after. Mine is not the optimum climate for them they do better in Sydney. In certain gardens they grow in big swathes over the rocks.

    1. Titania, thank you, I am proud of them. I grew cymbidiums years ago but that was at another house and I have regretted not taking some when we moved. It must be wonderful to see them in large plantings, I can only imagine the beauty in such a planting when in bloom.

  2. They are wonderful and easy to grow orchids. I love the color. I have several large old ones in the greenhouse and when they bloom I cut the stems and bring them into the house were they stay in bloom for a month as cut flowers.

    1. That is good to know Doc. We had a hail storm the other night and I need to go check on them; I wish I would have cut the flower before the storm.


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