"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Today's Harvest

I went to my community plot this morning and did some watering and came home with a bunch of peppers.  This will be it for the colored bell peppers, I will pull up the plants later this week.  I picked a good amount from the 6 plants that I was growing but the fruit was small, and the skins are very thin.  I still have some green pepper plants and a few of the hot peppers that I will leave in for a few more weeks.  They still have fruit, albeit small but I can still use the hot ones in salsa and I rarely use an entire pepper when cooking anyway.

Here is a good batch of Habanero and red and green Jalapeno peppers.  I will give a lot of these away, after I make some hot pepper jelly.  These guys are so hot that I will probably only need one for the entire batch of jelly.

I also picked a couple of long Asian cucumbers.  I used one in our salad last night and it was really good!  The two front green veggies are a dark zucchini that I planted late in July and is just now coming in.

Have a Beautiful Day


  1. Look at those peppers. I have a few. I may have one red ready to pick and they have been small this year too. Love the red hot poker. I need to transplant mine because they were not spectacular this summer. I think last winter was hard on my garden. You have had a good harvest. Do you plant a winter garden, too?

    1. Hi Ann, yes I will have a winter garden. I have already started some seeds in containers. If you are interested, scroll back to a few of the older posts, I posted one that has a list of the seeds I will be planting.

  2. Your peppers look great! I have some peppers in the garden that need to be picked! My bell peppers are always so tiny, I wonder why! :-)

    1. Priscilla, mine were small this year too. If I don't use all the peppers when fresh, or if I have a bunch that I picked all at once; I will chop them, put them in containers and toss into the freezer to use in the winter for soups.


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