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Robert Louis Stevenson

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gazpacho Recipe

Lunch alone today after spending the weekend with my husband for his birthday seemed to be destined for sadness on my part so I decided to make a bright colorful lunch for myself and dined on the patio with the kitties close by.

My kitchen counter is covered with bright red, green and yellow tomatoes so I needed to find something to make that would use a lot.  The result is Gazpacho Soup. 

It is very low in calories; this bowl had only 42 and less than 1% fat.  I included a Lavash Bread roll up using some of the leftover Chicken Fajitas I made for Tony's birthday lunch from yesterday. 

My version of Gazpacho Soup

64 oz. Low Sodium Chicken Broth (Pacific Foods )
18 oz fresh from the garden Red Tomatoes, diced
10 oz fresh from the garden Yellow Tomatoes, diced
4 oz each of Sweet Red Pepper, Sweet Yellow Pepper, Cucumber with skin and White or Sweet Onion, diced
1 oz of Spring Onion or Scallions, sliced thin
4 to 6 Garlic Cloves, minced
2 Tbsp. Balsamic or Red Wine Vinegar
1/2 tsp. Sea Salt
2 tsp. ground Cumin
1/2 to 1 tsp. ground Chili Powder (I used Ancho )
1/8 cup Parsley, Cilantro and Basil, minced
Dash of Hot Sauce (I used Cholula )

Mix all ingredient together in a 4 quart bowl.  Adjust seasoning to your liking and refrigerate overnight for best flavor.  I sometimes add more seasoning after this.  Serve cold garnished with an herb sprig and diced avocado if you like. 

Hint: if you toast the ground Cumin and ground Ancho chili powder in a small skillet for a minute or two it will add a nice rich flavor to the soup.

This bowl is one of several that I picked up at an estate sale.  I paid all of $2.00 for six of them.  It was perfect for my lunch today and made my soup look very special.


  1. Carla, your soup looks, and sounds wonderfully special! We're growing fresh Anchos this year...seems I may need to dry a few.

  2. Bravo to you for preparing such a beautiful and no doubt delicious meal for yourself. And healthy as well. I am very impressed! And of course I shall try this recipe, too!

  3. Hi Carla, this is a delicious soup for summer.
    It is great to have all those tomatoes from your garden. When I have to many I freeze them to use later to cook a rich tomato sauce.Tomatoes are very versatile to cook. I think they really emphasize summer days; lol I grow them also in winter! The soup looks very nice in the glass bowls and this was a good purchase.

  4. Curbstone, ohhh I wish I had planted Anchos, I did plant Anaheim Chilis and they are still producing some nice pods. Small but good for adding to salsa for a mild chili taste.

  5. Meredehuit, I forgot to add the balsamic vinegar to this recipe. Hope you stop back by to see this!

  6. Titania, I just love these little dishes. I am having my greek yogurt with apples and honey in one now. They are making all my meals seem special.

    I wish I could grow tomatoes here in the winter month's. I have tried to keep one growing before, but always have to cover it on nights that get cold. We don't have frost very often but when we do it is too cold for the tomato plants.

  7. Have found you by way of Lemon Verbena Lady - your summer soup looks so refreshing. You are blessed to have such a wonderful growing season. In Northern Wisconsin our summer is June through August - and we have had frosts even then.

  8. Thank you for joining my blog. I just wanted to tell you that just looking at all your wonderful sounding recipes sold me on returning to your blog time and again. I am going to have to try your gazpacho soup. I hope I can inspire you to try your hand at quilting. It is a wonderful past time and you have so much to show for it afterward and what a lovely place to sit and stitch but in your garden.


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