"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pictures from the Encinitas Garden Festival 2011

I have finally edited all the photos I took last weekend from the Encinitas Garden Festival we went to.  The gardens were wonderful.  I did not take many pictures of the plants as I have so many of the same plants in my garden.  What I was really interested in was the garden art, the pathways, and ideas to add to my own gardens.

Pour yourself a big glass of ice tea, there are a lot of pictures! There were 16 gardens we visited, I have tried to keep it in somewhat of an order, but with so many gardens I know I have mixed up the photos.

Here we go...

Simple use for recycled concrete.
U-shaped Pergola with iron drum fire pit.
I took several pictures of this pergola in hopes that Tony will build one for me!

This was at a house that had a water slide (below) in the backyard. This was in the shape of a fish.

This tile "rug" was at this Island Paradise Home from Farrell Design Assoc. Inc.
More of the Island House Details.
Pebble and Slate Wall
I really liked this fence made from bamboo.
Door Knocker
Beautiful details like this with a Jade plant.
Giant Bird of Paradise
This mixed tile entrance was in front of the artist studio below.

Stepping stone made from small stones and concrete sections.
Brick spiral pattern
Clever use of cinder blocks for steps
A shady spot under a Pepper Tree
Nice spot to rest under a Lemon Tree
Stunning Brugmansia Tree, this one in cream.
This one in a pale salmon color
Nice iron work detail and a Canyon View
Simple Rustic Charm
Yes, we can grow Artichokes in California!

This was a beautiful home that I named the Bali House.

More great ideas for re-purposing.

This was an incredible pool, house and garden.
Fountain of Succulents

Succulents Wall, they used a drip system, notice at the bottom of the photo.
Beautiful Planters
Love this lime green color
This vibrant blue planter with a bromiliad was stunning
Beautiful entrances to the gardens
Nice use of extra clay roof tiles
More garden whimsies
This sunflower was on a gated driveway
Person Chair

Matilija Poppy
Chain of Stones
Poppy Flower in an Agave plant
Copper Rain Chain

That's it!
and the Cardiff Kook dressed like the Royal Princess Bride

I can't wait for next year!