"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tomato Update 2013

Cherokee Purple Tomato

Long overdue update on my tomatoes for 2013.  I only planted 8 this year as I have had so many projects going on that I didn't want to put in as many as I have the previous years, plus I just don't need as many as I have had in the past. I still have quite a few jars and bags still in the freezer.  This year we will just eat what we grow and probably not do a lot of canning, that will be determined as to how much of a crop I get this year.

I did plant two types of cherry tomatoes this year. A Black Cherry and a Super Sweet 100 cherry. I generally don't plant cherry tomatoes as I like the flavor of all the heirloom, large fruits, but I got lazy and decided if I didn't have time to work in the garden the cherries would be easier to handle.

 I picked our first batch of summer squash last Friday so we are on our way!  The cherry tomatoes should be getting ripe any day now, the rest will be coming in sometime in July, probably early July with the looks of the plants. We have lots of fruit on the vines and so far not a worm in site.  The Orioles are doing a great job of keeping an eye on the plants. They and the Mockingbirds love to sit atop the wood cages and dive into the plants looking for worms.

San Marzano, still small but sprawling on the back side. Lots of tomatoes on the vines.

San Marzano
Gold Medal
Super Sweet 100 cherry tomato
Dr. Wyche, planted in mid-May
Stupice Tomato, planted in mid-May
Crook-neck summer squash
Patty Pan or Scallop summer squash
Yellow striped Mexican zucchini
Black Heirloom cherry tomato