"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tomato Update July 2013, Picking Tomatoes, Confessions of a Tomato Addict

I have been picking for the last couple of weeks now and decided it is time to get a few photos to keep the blog updated.

This year I only put in 6 full size tomato and 2 cherry tomato plants. The plants are healthy and thriving, with no signs as yet of tomato worms. We still have Orioles and they love to visit the plants several times a day, and are no doubt keeping the plants free of pests.  The Mocking Birds also visit and may be doing a good job too, but the Orioles are the workers in my garden; they love to clean the rose bushes too.

 They look beautiful on the old re-purposed cabinet and the smell is wonderful in my kitchen.  The cabinet is still a work in Progress, but it is working out just fine for now for the trays of tomatoes. Once the pine slab is on it will have even more space.

Around this time I start hoarding the tomatoes, lining them up as if jewels to gaze upon.

 Super Sweet 100 Cherry and Goliath

 San Marzano in the back, a few Goliath and a few Cherokee Purple.

 Dr. Wyche's on the top left and one Gold Medal towards the bottom. A few more Goliath and then the Cherokee Purples. We picked one last week that weighed in at 1.5 pounds. One of the Goliath, which I wish I had taken a photo of was perfect and weighed in at just under 2 pounds!  This is my first year planting Goliath, I am very pleased with it.  The flavor is that of the old tomatoes, with a bit a acid and thick, meaty and juicy. It is on the list for next year.

 Black Cherry Tomato, these are so delicious, I am putting it on the list for next year!

A few Stupice on the top section of the rectangular dish. They are a very small salad tomato, just slice in half and toss on the salad.  These are just coming in now as I didn't get that one planted until late in the spring.

A handful of Heirloom Ruby Red Swiss Chard, seed is from Botanical Interests (see link on the side of my blog).  I always pick just what I am using and this will go on the dinner table tonight, and my parakeets love it too.