"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Estate Sale and Garage Sale Garden Whimsies

I love to add found objects to my garden.  I hunt garage sales and estate sales whenever I can afford it!  Here are a few things I have added to my garden over this last few years.  Some new, some broken and re-purposed.

I found a bunch of these Mexican Tiles at a sale one day.
I placed them in the corners of some old adobe pavers I have used for a pathway.  The Geranium Madarense seedlings sprouted after I put these down. This plant comes up all over my garden; I dig them up and plant on the back bank.  See some of my older posts to view the beautiful blooms.

Quail planter with blue rock "egg".  This was a new planter I purchased after finding this rock one day while digging in the herb garden. I planted it with a Scilla violacea, which makes it look like feathers, I think.  People always look twice when walking by this.

Recycled Fairy in a copper bird bath, found at a local thrift store; she has a  broken wing, but that is okay with me.  I have seen Dragon flies resting on here wing. 

On the adobe wall, notice the turtle candle holder; another estate sale find.

Duranta repens growing in a pot under the copper birdbath.  The snail was found at an estate sale for a dollar.  The Duranta attracts butterflies to this area, it has such a beautiful cascading bloom. This area is what I call my fairy garden.
Fairy with Squirrel statue was found at Buena Creek Gardens in Vista California.

I keep this Fairy filled with water for the lizards to drink from, it is very shallow and is perfect for them; another Buena Creek Garden find.

Old German planter found for a few dollars.  Looks pretty with the succulent now in bloom.

Euphorbia in the old fish planter, found at a garage sale for 50 cents.

I found two of these clay urns at a thrift store; I think I paid $14.00 for the two.  These are on my Mexican patio on either side of the glass doors.  I "stained" the concrete on this patio with craft paint.  It will wear off I know, but works for now and for a lot less money.

This Rooster tile plaque is made from Portuguese tiles that were badly cracked.  Glued to a wood board they now make a wonderful addition to the wall on my Mexican patio.

Cast concrete turtle needed something, so I took an old Portmeirion Plate that I had broken and just could not throw away.  I broke it into smaller pieces and glued to the shell, grouted and stained a green color.  It makes for a nice new shell for my garden friend.

I found this Epi at an estate sale, I purchased it for $1.00!  Added some good compost and it is thriving.  I can't wait to see what bloom it will have.  It also has a rat tail cactus (aporocactus flagelliformis) growing with it.

Japanese cast iron bell; hung at my front door entrance. I added the copper wire and old glass beads so it would hang lower.

One of the best deals I found this summer was this old metal bell with the heart.  I paid $2.00 for it!

I have had this fish for years and found some old Japanese iron bells at an estate sale; used some copper wire and a piece of wood, old glass beads to make this.

Recycled clay pots with Rosemary marker. The marker originally had a metal stake which rusted over the years and broke off.  I used some copper wire and fashioned this hanger which now  hangs over my Rosemary bush.   The plant is over 3 feet tall so this is a perfect marker for it since a ground marker would be lost underneath.
My neighbor gave me this Staghorn Fern in the spring.  It really looked like it was dead.  I kept it watered and in the shade here next to the Fairy garden.  I gave it some banana peels each week and it is now thriving.  I have had the old cast iron fish candle holder sitting on the back wall, for years.  I like the way this area looks, it always feels cool.  Today the temperature is 103 and this area is a nice shady spot in my garden. 

And finally, my last picture is of an old concrete fountain base I found in Tijuana years ago.  It has held this Rosary Vine for the last 7 years.  This plant was a gift from my husband to me on Valentine's Day in 1977.  I think I have only replanted it once.  It thrives in this shady area adjacent to my Fairy Garden. 


  1. Hi Carla~~ I love your new finds. My favorite is the German planter! Ooh, la, la!!

  2. Hi Grace, yes it is one of my favorite finds. Thank you for visiting.

  3. Hi Carla; I love a garden like yours. All your finds are whimsical and make the garden interesting and beautiful. Every item has a story. With your clever hands you can restore and give many things which would be thrown away a second chance to please. It shows that it does not need "big bucks" to make a garden as pretty as yours.


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