"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

Monday, March 25, 2013

My Never Ending Kitchen Project

Have I told you how much I love to paint?

Last week I painted this ROLLING ISLAND.  This is a custom color that I had Home Depot (Behr paint) make for me.  I took in a Pasilla Chili pepper for them to scan.  Look how beautiful this color is, it is a red chocolate brown and looks really nice with the floor.  The light was coming in strong from the skylight this morning when I took these photos, so everything is bathed in sunlight and appears lighter than the rich color and is not picking up the red/purple tone.  My granite counter-top has a dark amethyst stone in it and is the same color as this island.   

In this photo you can see my white table and a green chair, I will repaint my table CHIPOTLE PASTE (from Behr Paint) and then I will paint the two green chairs the same color as the island.

The fabric below is one I found at an estate sale for $2.00, I think it is about 6 yards.  It is designer fabric that is very good quality and will look really nice once I cover the cushions on the chairs.  The reddish stripe is very much the same as the Chipotle Paste paint color. All this pepper talk is making me hungry for MEXICAN FOOD!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kitchen Update! We have a Counter, Sink and Faucet!

March 11, 2013 counter-top and sink installed
This has been a long process but we are finally about finished.  The counter-top was installed on March 11th, the sink at the same time and then the faucet and new garbage disposal was installed on March 13th.

I still need to sand, and paint these filled holes from the old handles and I need to paint the trim along the floor.

This photo makes the counter look pink, but it is the color of the one below. I took these pictures early this morning and we have overcast skies so the sunlight was not coming in from the skylight like it usually does.  My kitchen has a lot of natural light sources and I rarely need to use the overhead lights throughout the day.

I like the way the granite trims the back splash on the windowsill.  When we had a tile counter the window was always getting splashed with water, the new faucet helps too because it is so high and the sink basins are deep.

I love my new faucet! We chose one that looked like an old hand pump from Moen, called Wetherly.

My granite guy found this sink out of New York, it is really deep and perfect for all the vegetables I grow. New York must not have a water shortage because I couldn't find one like this at the local home improvement stores.

I need to find a stainless cover for the overflow, this one is from my old sink.  I found one at Home Depot but it didn't fit, I will contact Moen and see if they have one or shop the salvage yards.

 I still need to organize what will be on the counter but front and center is always my coffee!

My next project is painting the rolling island. I wanted to find a dark amethyst color to go with the granite.  The red color is supposed to be a dark red Chipotle color but it came in really red and not at all like the color swatch from Behr paint.  I finally took a dried Pasilla Pepper with me to the Home Depot and had them scan it for color. It came out perfect, a nice purple chocolate color. The one in the middle is the color I will use. Then I may do some sort of artwork on this end, or I may add a towel rack or something.  

Dishwasher is finally back in.  At first we weren't going to put tile under it because I was not sure if it would clear the granite, after making some adjustment to the feet, we went ahead and had the tile installed.  

I am still deciding on a back splash, may or may not do it but for now my Sedona Sun will greet me when I am cooking.

 Another project waiting is this wrought iron grill.  I picked this up at an estate sale a few weeks back for $33.00; it is an old window guard but this will be my new pot rack, not from the ceiling but hung on the wall above the granite. I still have plans for the opposite wall that doesn't have any cabinets.  I found a nice old cabinet at the local antique shop but it was priced at more than I wanted to spend so I will keep looking.

Happy Spring and Happy Cooking, Gardening and Estate Sale Shopping!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spotted Towhee in our Apple Tree

While taking a break from painting the kitchen yesterday, I spotted a male Towhee in the apple tree.  He looked like he had just visited the birdbath and was all puffed up and pruning himself.  We had 85 degree weather on Thursday and Friday, a perfect temperature for a dip in the pool!

I finished painting the kitchen and will post some photos of those next week.  We are coming down the home stretch!  The counter top should be installed early next week if all goes as planned.  My granite fabricator was sick for the last two weeks which caused the delay.  Poor guy, he sounded horrible when I spoke with him earlier last week.  

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!