"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bath Time!

Pretty little Finches, males just beginning to show the vibrant red colors.  These photos were all taken through my kitchen window today.  Not bad considering it is a double-pane window.  You can even see the water splashing up from the birds bathing.  We had a beautiful day today, around 65 degrees.  Warmer, with low 80's forecast for the week ahead and next weekend will be around 85.  No more rain in site for now which is not a good thing for us.  Not at all like February should be.  I will keep the birdbaths full for our feathered friends and cut back on watering the plants.

 I think she saw me through the window, look how sweet she is looking towards the camera.
 The male was always fluttering about the bath and watching for incoming birds.

"They shall go flying
      With musical speeches
High overhead in the
      Tops of the beeches"
from "Nest eggs" A Child's Garden of Verse by Robert Louis Stevenson


  1. 65 degrees???!!!!oh tropical warmth... /send it our way! We have not seen any birds all winter (an occasional eagle and always crows but no song birds)
    Precious little verse from RLS - thank you for this glimpse of Spring...

    1. I think all the birds have showed up here this winter. With the warm temperatures we are having I see more and more species at the birdbath. Wish I could send you some warm sun, later this week it will be 85! Crazy for Feb.

  2. I would love watching them out my window. They are adorable and make me think of Spring and Summer.

    1. Mimi, it feels like spring here now with the unseasonable warm weather we are having. I believe the birds have already begun building their nests.

  3. I am visiting from the freezing, waterlogged UK, to soak up a little of your warmth and try to remember it won't always be as miserable as this! Love the bright little birds, and your RLS verse has inspired me to go and dig out my old battered copy of A Child's Garden of Verse :-) JJ

    1. Jane, you are welcome anytime to stop in for some warm sunshine. Today we have rain, but it never lasts long in California.


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