"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Garden Update May 25th photos

Tomatoes along driveway, Ponderosa at 6 plus feet here (second one from the left)
All of our tomato cages are 6-8 feet tall.  That will give you an idea as to how tall they are growing. 

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To give you an idea as to how much our garden has grown in one month, check out this POST  from May 1st.

More tomatoes

Italian Leaf Basil

Purple Basil

Close up of Ponderosa, almost to the top of cage

Green Zebra

This next group of photos is from our community garden plot.

Straight Eight Cucumber and more seedlings.  For some reason the first planting failed except for this one plant.

Bell Peppers (3 colors) and Carnival Carrots

Southern Night on left and a mystery tomato that was supposed to be San Marzano but may be Black Krim, we'll know soon.

Cocozelle Zucchini, an Italian Heirloom

Eggplants one purple one white

Dr. Wyche on left and Ponderosa on right.  As usual Ponderosa in this garden too is the tallest tomato out of the 8 we have planted here, but German Queen is trying her best to show off to Ponderosa and is just under 6 feet now.

Ronde de Nice, a French Heirloom Round Zucchini
 We have been picking Ronde de Nice every two days now.  I have 10 in the refrigerator waiting to be cooked into something yummy this week.
Nice row of Farmer's Market Blend lettuces

Purple Bush Bean, another heirloom from Botanical Interest.

Onion if front and Patty Pan or Scallop Squash, just setting the squash now.

German Queen at the top of cage already and this photo is a week old.  Lots of fruit on it!

Cherokee Purple in the back corner is much taller than photo shows, Gold Medal in the foreground, when I went to the garden today to water I see that they are both just a foot or so below the top of the cage.

Purple Heirloom Tomatillo.  Plant is very healthy.

Pole Beans, Kentucky Wonder

another view of Patty Pan

More Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans, at the top and looking for more support.  I will need to add taller stakes to it now.

This is Italian small leaf basil, six plants filled in to a mass of delight!  I have already made 3 pints of pesto, in the freezer now and picked more on Thursday that is waiting for me to make more.  I need to pick again.   Pesto fever!!!

San Marzano, not sure why this one is taking so long to get to the top, but the plant is loaded with fruit and is very healthy.

Bok Choy in the back, carrot in front

Soyu Cucumbers

a closer view of Cherokee Purple


  1. Oh my. I don't know how you do it. We planted our tomatoes last week. They have a very long way to go. Would you share your pesto recipe?

    1. Hi Ann, I will be over to your blog to leave the link to my pesto recipe.

  2. Great post, I just can't get over the growth of your tomatoes. Here in Oregon we are normally just planting out our tomatoes but this year we got the bonus of a very warm spring so mine have been in the ground for three weeks at least. Hoping for a big crop this summer.

    1. Hi Doc, good to see you here. I will be over to check out your tomato plants!


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