"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Sansevieria trifasciata has flower buds!

I have been growing this plant for at least 10 years.  Last August a friend of mine was visiting and mentioned that her plant blooms.  She must have the Midas touch because for the first time mine now has three flower stocks coming up.  I believe that it is doing this just for her!  I will add more photos as it opens but for now here are a few shots of "my little miracle."

My friend with the Midas touch!

Commonly called the snake plant or Mother-in-law's tongue.  It is an easy plant to grow and if you are lucky to have a friend with the Midas touch, you might just get one to bloom.


  1. I have never thought anybody would get so excited over the Sansevieria flowers. Here in my part of the world, these plants are very common and considered a weed. The flowers are not considered to be much at all. It's lovely to see that someone really appreciates their beauty.

    I've always had a patch or two in all my gardens over the years and they have flowered regularly but I obviously have never appreciated them properly.

  2. Bernie, I know, isn't it funny how one man's weeds are another one's flowers? I feel the same way about Queen Anne's Lace. Most people pull it up as weeds and I transplant them to my cutting garden.

    I also just found out that a weed I have growing abundantly is eaten by Mexican people. It is called purslane and can be seen here.

  3. Run you mouse over the word here in my previous comment to see a picture of purslane.

  4. Far from a weed here in Oregon. I keep a clump in the greenhouse and it flowers for me as well...love it!

  5. I recently bought 2 of these beautiful plants and put them in pots, I noticed yesterday there is a small bud coming up next to one of them, it looks like a baby growth or something, I did feel around the bottom of the root and it is growing from the main plant. So far neither of them are very big, maybe 1ft for the one growing a baby next to it.. I am wondering if I can take it out when its bigger and replant it in a different pot and grow another plant? Or if it is something else? Thank you :)


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