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Robert Louis Stevenson

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Neighbor's Have An Owl Box In Their Tree

 I noticed this the other day.  I don't think they had this last year or I would have seen it.  Once the leaves dropped from the trees I saw it.  I sure hope it brings a pair back to nest.

We had owls visiting our trees a few years ago.   Here is a link to the time they visited our pine tree.  Owls in Our Trees.

They didn't nest in our trees but brought the young owlets one night and they spent most of the summer in that pine tree, the ground was littered with bones from their parents hunting and feeding them. I felt sad for the bunnies they brought them, nature seems cruel at times.


  1. We too have an owl box in a large old horse chestnut tree. it’s a lot bigger than the one you show here.

    We have owls hooting at night, but it’s squirrels who have taken over the box. Rotten invaders, they weren’t meant to take up residence in the garden at all.

    1. Hi Friko, I am guessing that it is an owl box, but I can't be sure since it is so far away. That is the location that I first saw and heard the barn owls from.

      It is so wonderful to be able to hear the owls, hoping that those squirrels move out soon for you.

  2. Hope you see owls. We hear them, but I have yet to see them, the great horned owls. They roost in an old grain elevator that we can see from here. I hear them at night sometimes. They must be hunting. I'd love to be able to photograph them. How are the tomatoes coming along?

    1. Hi Ann, the tomato seedlings are about 4 inches tall now. We finally bought a grow light to help them along. I remember last year wishing I had one so I didn't have to move them outdoors during the day for sunlight.

      That is so cool that you hear the horned owls. Ours are barn owls, at least that is all I have seen up close.


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