"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vegetable Garden Update, Sage Plants, Morning Doves, Thai Basil

Look who I found in my garden this morning!

Two Baby Doves.  I was walking along the top of our bank and almost stepped on them.  I slowly backed away and went for my camera.  All the pictures I took look the same because they never moved!  They match the pine needles; there are some dead branches are the ground near them that they may hide in when need be.

I harvested some Patty Pan Squash today, second time in less than a week.  This plant is next to the bird bath and receives extra water from the overflow from our feathered friends bathing. 

Tiles are 4 inches across.  Perfect size squash!
Picked some more onions; I am not going to dry these, but will keep them in the refrigerator. 

Also in this picture is about a dozen Banana Legs Tomatoes I picked; these are a yellow paste tomato.  I picked these green because the bugs are moving in! 
This one is called "Debarao" an heirloom Red plum tomato, the plant is loaded with fruit.
Above is Dr. Lyle an heirloom Pink Beefsteak.

This is Estiva a hybrid from France.  The plant has already given me red tomatoes.  It is an early variety that I will repeat next year.

Purple Calabash an Heirloom Tomato

Thai Basil Plant, I love the purple flowers added to the top of my salads, they look so pretty.  If you add these flowers to white wine or white balsamic vinegar, it will turn it a pretty lavender color.

Sages I planted in the Spring look wonderful. I will dry some to use for Thanksgiving Day.


  1. I am so impressed ! Looks great ! Gina

  2. I love all your pictures! I really love birds and have considered taking up bird watching at some point when the kids get older.

    That sage is so beautiful with the purple on top!

    I did not plant any squash, but I love the stuff. I have never had that type of squash before. They are good size. How do they taste?

    Carla, I was thinking about doing a post on a Thanksgiving garden...something to do with my kids. I was thinking of planting and harvesting fall veggies to have at our table. I'm a HUGE fan of sage. I didn't understand until this year that sage is the ingredient in stuffing that I love so much. That was a great moment. :o)

    It all looks so beautiful. I think you are looking mighty fabulous too!

    Thank you for sharing this blog. I think it is wonderful!

  3. I always love your posts! They give me hope for my veggies, your garden is ahead of mine...patience.

  4. Your garden is looking fabulous Carla, especially your tomatoes! Yours are a little ahead of ours though, but I swear the plants grew a foot last week. Can't wait for the main tomato harvest to start.

  5. Carrie, I love that idea. Sharing gardening with children is what this world needs. I always remember fondly the time I spent in my Mother's garden; when I was small I remember picking flowers with her and as I got older this was again my favorite thing to do with her, strolling through her garden looking for flowers and listening to her talk about what she planted and if it would stay or be moved or replaced. I learned so much from her.

  6. Meredehuit, I think that is what we learn from gardening, patience. And relaxing along the way.

  7. Thank you Clare! Mine seem to be growing a foot a day too. The sun is warming up now and everything is bursting. I get so excited when I see the first signs of the veggies growing from the flower ends.

    Tomato sandwiches are just around the corner!


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