"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

Friday, April 15, 2011


The Hollyhocks are just beginning to bloom....my friends and I have been waiting for spring for so long and now that it is finally here we have decided to have a party.

"I want to have a little house with sunlight on the floor,
A chimney with a rosy hearth, and lilacs by the door.
With windows looking east and west, and a crooked apple tree,
And room beside the garden fence for hollyhocks to be!"
Nancy Byrd Turner

Come join us won't you?
(Click on any picture to see a larger size)
Some of my Iris in bloom, mixed with flowers from my Borage plants

 Some drove for miles and miles, across many state lines and through numerous mountain ranges.

One was stuck in a late Snow Storm!

For Ferris the rains brought floods, and mudslides but she made it through....

 Some walked through Vineyards....
Some came bare foot with perfectly manicured toes!

Greenrice came with flowers at her feet..
 Many came in garden clogs....

A Red Headed Girl came in Red Garden Clogs...

Some brought garden hats...

Jerseygirlie brought along Katie a true and trusted friend.....

A female Oriole even stopped by to take a bath before coming to the Party...
Some stopped to play in the dirt....
Betty came by rail....

Tammy came by motorcycle...

Some walked along the coast highway 101....

Some came just to visit Pippy!

Cookie Crumble lives here and didn't travel at all....

One by one they finally all made it.

This way to the Garden!

Just a little further...

You're here, finally, I was getting worried.  

May I offer you a refreshing glass of Hibiscus Tea with Borage Flower Ice Cubes....

Welcome to my Garden! 

Tables were placed throughout the garden so guest could choose the perfect spot to dine.

Butterfly plates were placed with fine silver. 

the rose garden table...

Our Menu and a few photos of what we served at our party.
Granny's Oven Roasted Vegetables

Ferris Warm Pasta Salad with Shrimp
Recipe Here

Carla's Roasted Baby Dutch Potato Salad with Dill
Recipe here

Kel's Egg less Lemon Snaps
Recipe Here

Susan's Arugula with Sweet Potatoes Salad Recipe Here

The Country Tart's Roast Duck with Apple-Chestnut Quinoa Stuffing
Recipe Here

Pamela's fresh picked Avocados and Oranges from her groves

Chocolate Fruit Cake (OK, who brought last Christmas' fruit cake!)

The Hydrangea bush was visited by sweet little yellow Finches

Lavender was in bloom...and covered with busy Honey Bees...

A Special Spot was reserved just for Granny...after taking care of all those grandbabies she needed a rest.

Flowers for Granny

 Tea and Dessert by the Roses

Big Hugs to my guests from NutriMirror, to Bah for coming up with the idea, to all of you who showed up with the food!

Thank you for your kind and caring friendship. 

Thank You PamelaAnn, Jim, USAndyD, Silviaann, csiegfried, Bah1955, Jcsteele, JerseyGirlie, Ferris, Elaine1952, Tspindor, Granny, Billikit, Greenrice, Denaburg, KarynD, Susano, Carrieredhead, Blazinmomma, dianemitchell, A Letter To A Friend, lilifx, and lmatava for coming to the party.  I have loved having you in my home and garden.  I hope I didn't miss anyone.

 “Beauty is an all-pervading presence. It unfolds to the numberless

flowers of the Spring; it waves in the branches of the trees and in

the green blades of grass; it haunts the depths of the earth and

the sea, and gleams out in the hues of the shell and the precious

stone. And not only these minute objects, but the ocean, the

mountains, the clouds, the heavens, the stars, the rising and the

setting sun all overflow with beauty. The universe is its temple;

and those people who are alive to it cannot lift their eyes without

feeling themselves encompassed with it on every side.”

William Ellery Channing

Peggy, Millie and Tally

Henny Penny is that you?

Henny Penny, they tell me they want my fleece for wool is there anything you can do to stop this?
This man looks scary and I hate a straight razor.

The day ended with a Huge display of Fireworks.

It's a long way home, I better get started back..

A Midsummer's Night Eve Party can not be far away... 


  1. I have just arrived and the Garden is beautiful! The scent from the flowers is wonderful..The smell is feminine and familiar, yet hauntingly, almost maddeningly elusive. It smells like a memory; something from childhood; something you know and long for, but can barely remember; something you can almost visualize, but can’t quite pull into focus; something you ache and reach for, but can’t quite touch…
    You can see Carlas sunny raised vegetable garden outside her kitchen window and it couldn’t be more delicious; The foliage garden with ferns and hosta in the shade of towering trees are breath taking! My favorite view with the birdbath filled with floating roses and a delicate large, antique table sits nearby with all the dishes the guests have sent over. The
    Tablecloth is White Battenburg Lace Curtain and the Plant stands are Covered in vintage lace. There are 12x12 White Lace Tea Napkins with Southern Living Napkin Ring holders.
    Early American Prescut Crystalis sitting on each table.
    Butter dish, bowls, cake stand holding a Chocolate fruit cake but I think its last years Christmas cake. Water glasses, and water pitcher for those who dont drink tea.
    The White Tea Set that Carla set out are beautiful, made from Fine China of Royal Swirl.
    Three Tier Plates hold the eggless lemon cookies and the lemon tarts.
    All the Flatware are Renaissance Reproduction Pattern.
    Carla, this is breath taking. The most elegant Garden party I have ever attended. I think I'll sit here a spell in this old ladder back chair you painted gentleman's blue and tore strips of fabric that you wove the chair seats with. I cant seem to focus on just one thing since there is so much to see. Everyones starting to arrive, so I must mingle with all my friends. I'll catch up with you later...

  2. Carla,
    This is beautiful! I could sit here all day. The weather is perfect, blue sky and sun shiny brightly. The setting couldn't be more perfect.
    The food may disappear but the friendships will last forever.

  3. This was beautiful, and very relaxing at the same time. Thank you for sharing this and I look forward to the Midsummer's Night Dream :)

  4. Carla! Sorry I'm late...just heard the news! :) What a lovely garden party! Thanks for putting all this time, creativity and energy into a lovely gathering. (((HUG)))

  5. What a beautiful garden party. I want to stay forever. Is that ok?

  6. Oh how lovely! I had to work and couldn't make it but hope you do have a Midsummers party.

    I love hollyhocks!! I planted seeds but only one seems to be coming up. They remind me of my Grammie; many things are in my garden because they remind me of someone. I think of you whenever I look at my succulents, the ones that made it through the winter. This was lovely Carla - what a nice read and beautiful pictures!

  7. Make sure you stay for the fireworks display!

  8. I am so happy you all could make it and are enjoying my little gardens. Thank you all for bringing this wonderful array of food. We will be eating all night. I think I age half of the chocolate fruit cake on my own. I do love fruit cake and with chocolate, well it just doesn't get any better.

    Better go, more guests have just arrived and I need to fill some drink glasses...

  9. This surely took a lot of work...You are so creative.

  10. This just so cool. What a party!

  11. Late to the party as usual but glad I found a seat! This is like an old shoe; only better. It's like finding a hammock in the backyard of an old friend and being told to go sit for a spell.

  12. Today has been wonderful!!! It's a charming reminder of bygone days and childhood make-believe I cant wait to attend the next one. As the evening grows longer, and all my friends are leaving I am still trying to get my book autographed. I must be leaving soon myself. I was going to stay over but I volunteered to take the goat back home to the broiler room. He started eating the lace table cloths and pooped on Grannys seat twice. Bad Goat, see, I told yall we should have BBQed him today! I will see you all tomorrow. Hugs to everyone!
    Come on goat...stop that...Oh Carla, heres your garden glove. I'm sorry, he ate the other one...come on goat!!!

  13. This was such a good way to end my very hectic day! Thanks Carla. I would love a cup of tea!

  14. Oh, wow, I kick myself for missing out on this! What a lovely, warm and inviting garden you have. I so hope some day I get to see it in person. :) Blazin

  15. Sounds like you all had such a good time . I wish my mom ( Betty ) would have asked me to come along . I would have helped with the goat I have a baby fainting goat . You have such a nice place !

  16. Fireworks! Great way to end a beautiful day. Thanks, Carla, you are truly special.

  17. Thank you all so very much for the complements and for all the time you spent gathering pictures for the blog party. I think it was a great success and we will do this again in the summer.

    We also need to have Betty host a party in the bunk house.

  18. amazingly beautiful pictures!!!!! You are too cute! The garden is lovely!

  19. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you! We did have a great time.


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